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Does my nephew potentially have Asperger's syndrome, and what should be done?

My nephew is 10 year old his year and over the years i have experienced troubles with him and the way he acts twards my children who are 6 and 3.
He is often demanding for them to do things he wants and his way often using them like play toys rather than friends or companions. I have looked up asperger syndome and austism as some of his behaviors i have noticed reminds me of those types of conditions.

On numerous accounts i have had to get after him for beeing mean to my children or other childen at birthday partys or family events. He has been adopted by my parents as my sister did not want him.  To make a special note my mother is not entirely all together mentaly so she lives in her own world .She believes everything he does is cute no matter what anyone tells her about him. Sometimes she gets upset and leaves family events because no one understands draven.

I was worried about him hurting my children as he is big for his age weight wise and has hit or flung my kids around on nurmerous occasions.He has gotten better but still acts like a 2 year old when playing and insist on knocking down or grabbing other kids and gets really over excited. If it is possible that anyone could lend some insight on info i could give to my mother to open her eyes that he might need some help i would greatly appreciate it. Im not sure what if any problems he has , but im hopeing someone might know or lead me the right way.
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Wayne Yankus
May 16, 2008
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Dear Tony:

You outline the difficulty with your nephew quite well.  I would suggest from your description that a psychiatric evaluation is in order if your mother will permit it. These behaviors are not typical of autistic spectrum rather  appear to imitate a Friendshipsal delay, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and show issues with control.

First step is to get your mom, the custodian, to go to school find out how he does with his peers and teachers.  Is this behavior only at home and with cousins or classmates also.

Finally, check with your local mental health organization for evaluation if a private child psychaitrist is not available to you.  Call your local  hospital's community relations department for a suggestion.  It may be important for this young man to talk about his mother and how her abandonment impacts his behavior.

Congratulations for advocating for your nephew and your children.

Wayne Yankus, MD, FAAP
expert panelist: pediatrics

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mamaB writes:
Don't be quick to put a lable on your Newphew.  There can be a number of things wrong.  you are talking about a boy who's mother has pretty much left him & I am sure he is old enough to have figured that out by now.  There can be a number of learning / developmental disorders this child can be dealing with not to mention emotional
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