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Normal 4 year old behavior or something more?

We are having a really hard time with my 4year old son. If things don't go his way, there is a tantrum. That happenes a lot. I don't give in. I understand at this age it is normal to push the boundaries. The smallest things can set him off. I feel like we are walking on eggshells. Time outs  don't work with him, it seems to make him even angrier. So I started to call it calm down time. No change. Now he stomps and screams"I'm calmed down!!". Ripping off posters from his wall. I have to take deep breath not to loose it, but I understand, that it would make it even worst. He said he hates his family and everyone. I know it comes from anger, and he really doesn't mean it. Extremely defiant. I talk to him about his feelings when he is fine. Giving him tools what to do when he is upset, but it doesn't seem to work. When he is in his mood, it just takes over him. In groop setting he is kind of a loner. At preschool he has a few friends, that he talks about, and he seem to like. When we are at the playground, he never approaches his peers. I try helping him, but he saize he doesn't want new friends. I just see, that he has all these emotions, that he doesn't know how to express. Lots of anger. He can be a very sweet boy at times, but lately we have a lot more bad days then good. I'm questioning how much of this is normal, is it a faze, or something more(Adhd, autism...)?
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