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My older sister is cutting herself...What do I do?

Today, I found out that my sister has been cutting herself...she is only 15...but usually this cases are in teenagers aren't them? Well...I was really shocked because, she was never that kind of person, she was always really loving, sweat, kind,funny and pretty, but usually she has been really closed and has been spending a lot of time alone...So,earlier today, when my sister wasn't home, I went to her room looking for something, and I saw this notebook with a lock, but it was unlocked so i took a look at it...I started reading the first pages and I was really shocked... She was saying that she had been cutting herself and all of that...and she was writing dates... the last one there was from a month ago so i thought that i was over but later that day, wen i was having a snack with her i saw a lot of cutting marks on her left arm...and that was when i realised that it wasn't over...I started to feel really worried about her...I even asked her about it but she said that she doesn't knew what I was talking about... I went to my room and I couldn't stop thinking why she was doing that...but i couldn't get one awnser...I cried and I cried...but nothing came...then i told my mom that i wanted to go to her Psychologist...but i didn't told her anything about my sister...I think I'm going to talk to the Psychologist so I can understand what to do...I think that I'm the only one that knows about this...I'm really worried and I don't know what to do...I want my sister back...
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> 60 days ago