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Playing video games too much

Hi, I'm a 14 year old (not sure If I should say that..) and I play ALOT of video games. I've been looking around the internet for the last few hours trying to find out the information I'm about to ask, and I'm hoping someone can answer...

I do quite a bit of sport, 12-15 hours a week not counting in-school PE but now, since it's the summer holidays, I don't have any sport on, and I'm not part of any "groups" or churches etc. This means that from 1-2 weeks ago to 5-6 weeks from now, I have nothing to do. Apart from video games. This is my problem, I have friends over, have fun, and when they leave... I just don't know what to do. I've been thinking alot about how little of my childhood is left and every hour I spend on a video game, I can't help thinking "It's all going to waste...".

I really want to spend more time with my parents, as I feel ungrateful for all the things they do for me, but I don't know what to DO with them. When I ask my parents "what can I do apart from the computer" they will reply with "go kick a ball, go read a book! Go jump on the trampoline!". I do these things, but I don't find any of them fun or entertaining (apart from reading).

I'm sorry if this doesn't make sense, I guess I'm just asking:

1)What can I do with my parents? I love them and I want to spend more time with them
2)What can I do apart from video games, should I restrict myself and have "video game free days" or even weeks?
3)What can I do to help people in general?
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s.sariddene , Parent writes:
Hi Redcard;

First of all It`s nice to ask these questions and to know that there are some problems you have to solve.

FIRSTLY, absolutely you can spend with your parents more time by sharing them what they do through the day ( your mom in house works or other things, you can see what the same interesting of you and your dad and do it with them) and if you interests in crafts of fun there are family activities you can search about them in this website or on web
there are many things you can do it and staying close to your mom and chat with her.

SECONDLY, really it`s not only loss for time and loss for your health and mind spending a lot of hours on web games.
It`s need a design to let this bad habit and reorder your time.

1-Surly it`s better to you to be early bird wake up early do some exercises there are a lot of video of exercises of gross and fine motor skills, Really it`s important to have a full brain and you can think if you interested in any sport you could exercise and develop yourself.

2-Reading surely there are a lot of books on web you read it novels , science you interested in.

3-Music think if you interested in it there are a lot of free courses on line for various instrument and it`s very nice and useful way for development the brain.

4- studying if you didn`t go to school you can find here hundreds of workbooks and work sheets relate to your grade and in different subjects.

I hope any of those suggestion will be useful to you and when I can I will list another suggestions.

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