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private school problem

If a private school retains a student can that student be pushed through to that next grade in public school if the student only attended that private school from Jan-May? Last day of school for that private school was May30th.
They retained that student with the knowledge that the student would not be returning for the up coming school year.
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Lonnie K. Chin
Lonnie K. Chin writes:
Hello!  Are you saying that your child will be attending a public school next school year?  If so, the school will be asking the private school to send your child's academic record.  The private school must have informed you of why your child was retained.  Hopefully, they would have given you some suggestions on how to help your child improve during the summer. It would make sense to consult with the new school staff to determine which program would be most beneficial for your child academically, socially and emotionally. Retention is not always the best approach, but do be very honest and pro-active about  your child's accomplishments and needs so that the teaching staff can provide the best education possible.   Best wishes,  Lonnie
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