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Does anyone know of any programs that would allow a fifteen of sixteen year old homeschooled girl to go to college with a completed program?

I'm homeschooled and have been thinking about going to college early. Probably around fifteen or sixteen. I'm fourteen now and I'm in eighth grade. I have stuff going on in the summer but again, I would like to figure out a way to complete my last four to five years remaining within the next two years. It's been done, definitely. But does anyone know if there are laws that would keep me back from going to college? I'm striving to go to Cornell University just south of Syracuse, NY. Please let me know, as any additional information would be helpful and appreciated. Thanks! :)
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Wvu68 writes:
You will need to contact the college where you would like to attend. Their have been many students with and without disabilities who have attended college at the same time they are doing high school courses. Also, I have spoke with some people who have never graduated high school and are now working on their masters. They started at their local community college and completed their 2 year degree and then got their 4 year degree at a major university. So my recommendation would be to talk with your chosen college and see how your specific situation fits into their programs.
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