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what is the rating system criteria, what rating denotes a better school

I am attempting to find what school districe I should buy a home for a family with kids k-12 in the Antioch, Brentwood, Oakley areas
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aqblickley writes:
Hi Unclejim,

Schools with higher ratings on the 1-10 scale (i.e. 10) have performed better on tests in the given year. Here's some additional info on the SchoolFinder rating system that should answer your question:

What is a school's TestRating?

The Education.com TestRating is a number ranking (1-10) calculated by Education.com that provides an overview of a school's test performance for a given year, by comparing the school's state standardized test results to those of other schools in the same state.

The TestRating is only based on test scores, and thus does not take into account other factors that are very important to a school's success , such as teacher qualifications, curriculum, teaching methods, extracurricular activities, teacher to student ratio, leadership and parent involvement. These factors should also be considered when comparing schools and Education.com suggests using the TestRating as a way to get an objective snapshot of a school's test performance within a given year as compared to other school's in the state, nothing more.
How do I interpret the TestRating?

The TestRating is really a percentile ranking of a school's test scores. 10 is the highest TestRating, and 1 is the lowest TestRating. A TestRating of 10 means that your school's test scores are higher than 90% of schools in your state, a score of 6 means that your school's test scores are higher than 50% of schools, a score of 4 means that your school's test scores are higher than 30% of schools, etc.
How is the TestRating calculated?

Education.com has developed a proprietary calculation method that enables us to compare an individual school's standardized test scores to other schools across the same state. A school's TestRating is calculated by ranking a school's grade and subject level test results as compared to all other schools' grade and subject level test results within the state. Then, all of a school's grade and subject level rankings are averaged to create one overall school ranking, which is the TestRating.
What tests are used to calculate a school’s TestRating?

The tests and subjects used to calculate the TestRating calculation vary state to state. The test scores are reported publicly by each state’s Department of Education and Education.com accesses them as available. Every school’s TestRating includes an explanation of the specific tests and subjects used to calculate the school’s TestRating. This explanation is found in the “i” icon next to the school’s TestRating.

Hope this helps!

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