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Do you recommend children write on a computer?

Great information!

I noticed in the article that you didn't mention a computer as a suggested supply in the writing corner.  Do you recommend that children write primarily with pen and paper? Or whatever their preference?

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Nov 9, 2010
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This article is written for children who are writing at home.  The advice is very good and can be adapted if the child wants to use a computer instead for recording his thoughts with paper and pencil.

I do agree with lauranf's response below.  Today's children do need to know how to type and use basic word processing skills in order to prepare them for the future.

With that being said, we need to keep in mind why we want our children to write outside of school - to complete assignments or to encourage a love of writing.  Let's look at each one.

The homework assignment.  It depends what the teacher requires or will accept as a finished product.  Some teacher want it to be handwritten so they know the child did the work, not the parent, or that it wasn't lifted straight from the Internet and pasted on the page.  Some teachers would rather it be typed so they can read the words.

Encouraging a love of writing.  This is what I think the article was leaning more towards.  Just like with reading, those students who enjoy reading are better readers.  The same can be said for writing.  Parents should encourage writing for fun and to be creative.  This might mean that children have a place where they can keep a journal, dream up a story, make cards, jot down poems, or even compose lyrics.  These words are to express their thoughts, feelings and beliefs.  Sometimes the work doesn't need editing, while other times the child wants to improve upon it.  Parents can teach editing skill by using their child's work.  For example, say the child is entering a poetry contest.  This would require writing a draft and then editing it before it is submitted.  It might also look like this:  the parent is explaining what a simile is.  After giving several examples, ask the child to go back to one of their pieces of writing and see if they can add a simile that would help convey his thought better.  Editing your own work is always more meaningful than completing a worksheet.

So to answer your question about whether to use the computer over paper and pencil, in this instance I would leave it up to the child.  You can point out the pros and cons to using each and for what purpose you would use that tool.  For example, there is nothing better than a handwritten thank you note.  It just seems that much more personal.  However, if I'm writing a complain letter to a company, then a computer is what I need to use.  Editing a word processed paper is easier for most, while a paper and pencil is usually easier to get a hold of.

I'm just glad this article pointed out the importance of writing at home and how parents can help their child edit his work when the time comes.

Hope that helps.

Barb K

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laurenf writes:
Hi there,

I would recommend having children type mostly on the computer. Typing skills are needed in almost any job now in days, and the sooner kids learn the sooner they can utilize the computer for writing assignments. I'm sure students devote enough time during class to handwriting. Once typing is mastered they can choose which method they prefer rather than being forced into using 1 method over the other due to efficiency.
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genermcmillan writes:
Yes it is possible..Our technology is developing day by day please search on internet for such things...congrats..:)
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