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How do I report a teacher from unfair treatment to a student?

The teacher shouts and treat the student unfairly. It's her first time taking an Honors class and she's having a hard time. The teacher's responsibility is to help the students who are in need. But instead the teacher yells at her mistakes, Declining her questions like "can I make up my work" or "Can I take the make up the test on this day" then she replied  with harsh words saying "Why would give time for you?!", This one time she was just fixing her shoe since it was bothering her the teacher glared at her and yelled across the room saying " Stop being a distraction to the class!" and marking her tardy even though the bell hasn't rang yet. She's doing this to force the student change and start doing good in her class. The teacher doesn't know that the student's dad has Cancer. That's why she's having a hard time because of that..
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> 60 days ago

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