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which school too choose

my wife and i cant decide which school to send our 5 yr old son too, this is his last year at kindergarten and due to start school next year. we have two schools close to where we live and both schools come highly recommended. we were leaning towards the closer of the two but our concern is all his friends from kindergarten are going to the other one. not one child from the 4 years of friendships he has formed will be joining him, they are all going to the other one. which is not that far from our home also. one we can walk to in 5 mins the other we can drive to in 5 mins. we were thinking about the closest only because we thought we would become more part of the school community in which we live. all the other kids are not zoned to come to the closer of the two but we can choose to go to both. i know he will make new friends as he is not a shy kid but when i told him no friends will be joining him  as he reeled off each friends name boys and girls, the look on his face has made me rethink. should we send him with his friends or not? so confused
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