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toxic.waste... asks:

Was I sexually assaulted?

I know this sounds stupid but I really don't know if I was. The other day my brother's friend was over and e=he was touching all over me even though I didn't ask him and his hand was in my pants. I grabbed his hand and took it out because I felt uncomfortable. A few minutes later my friend that was in the room left for the bathroom and he pulled out his penis and grabbed my hand. I quickly pulled away but ever since I have felt awkward. Should I be worried?
In Topics: Teen sexuality and dating
> 60 days ago



Boys Town National Hotline
Jul 15, 2014
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What the Expert Says:

What happened to you was not right, and this must of been a very scary situation for you.

This is definitely a situation that we would encourage you to talk with your parents about or another adult that you trust. You have every right to feel safe and secure in your own home. What this person did is wrong.

If this person comes over again we would encourage you to make sure that you aren't alone with this person.

Boys Town National Hotline
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