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Sick a lot and not gaining weight

My son is 6 going on 7 old and has had several illnesses w/6 cases of pnuemonia, chronic sinusitis, and croup in the last year. In August his platelets, neutrophils,etc dropped very low and he was tested for cancer and other infectious diseases. This got us on the track with Children's hospital. But sometimes I feel like I'm fighting a never ending battle and that the Dr (usually the residents not lead Dr) think I am crazy. Is it normal to have a child with constant infection since 6 mo old and be hospitalized 5 times not counting ER VISITS? He's very pale lately with dark circles under his eyes (sometimes blood shot), looks very thin (has weighed 41-43 for last 3 years) and hasn't gotten much taller because he is wearing a lot of the same clothes from the past falls. I hate seeming pushy and crazy, but I can't keep these hospital visits up!
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> 60 days ago