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My one sister attempted suicide and my other sister cuts herself.  What do I do?

My family has a history of bipolar disorder, which my mother takes medication for.  Neither of my sisters have been diagnosed with this disorder, and yet both spend half of their time depressed and the other half having the time of their life.  Last August I flew halfway across the country to go to college, and then this summer I found out that my older sister (age 21) attempted suicide this past year, my younger sister (age 17) cuts herself, and both drink alcohol regularly and to a large extent.  My parents know this, have gotten my older sister counseling, and are working on finding a counselor for my younger sister.  However they are worried about pushing the issue and losing what relationship they have with my sisters, and it seems we avoid the problems more than we confront them.  Meanwhile I'm about to head back out to college and just don't know what to do.  I'm quite close with my sisters, but neither one confides in me much about these emotions, and I don't want to alienate them by pushing for too much information.  My parents are questioning their parenting, and every time I bring up what's going on my parents say they're dealing with it.  What should I do?
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