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My sister has been struggling in first grade! Need advice!

Last year, my mom didn't send my little sister to school because our zone school was overcrowded and the only option was to send her to an annex school that was very far away. My didn't think my sister (5 at the time) could be okay taking the school bus by herself, so we held off on sending her to school that year but still teaching her some things at home.

Now this year, when we went to enroll my sister to school, we had the same problem as last year with the overcrowded schools. In addition, we were told that my sister couldn't be placed in kindergarten anymore since her birth year didn't match the entry of this years kindergarten class. SO instead, my sister was placed in first grade.

So know shes in first grade and she can't keep up. She can't read or write on her own. Yesterday, when I went to parent teacher conference, the teacher didn't give me or my mom ideas or plans on what to do to help my sister.

so what can i do. Do you know any programs or immediate plans of action? I don't want to have my sister repeat a year if we can help her.
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