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Help! I'm sixteen and dropped out of school i'm too afraid to go back to school because of how much i missed and I feel like i can't take the GED test

Hi, my name is Jake, i'm sixteen years old. I need help, i dropped out of my high school to go to another, and now I can't go there. So i'm stuck out of school. It's been an entire quarter. I've missed so much school (45 days maybe more) that i'm afraid if i go back i'll have to repeat this grade year. Something i can't do seeing as how i failed once already a few years back.
I don't know what to do. I need a high school diploma to follow my dreams of going into law enforcement or the military but i just feel like i can't go back to school, i've missed too much, and i just have a hard time learning as it is. I've been told by many adults to just take the GED test seeing as how i turn 17 this year. But i feel like i'm not smart enough for that. I need help and i don't know where to turn to. Can someone please please help me?!
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Jan 19, 2014
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Hi, Jake!
The first  step to solving a problem is to identify the problem. Next, you have taken responsibility for dropping out. That's a great start! Dropping out, as you may have discovered, can be lonely and frustrating. You have made a good decision to return to school. It sounds like you decided to go to another school and had some trouble. Now you can't go to that school and you have missed too much at your school of origin. Missing one quarter (12 weeks?) is not great, but you can make that up quickly with the right support.

I'm proud of you for having a career goal that is motivating you to return to school. The GED is an exam that may open doors for you to continue in a community college; however, the exam is not easy. You need to prepare for the GED. I suggest you return to high school at your age.

You have been out of school one quarter, and will have to repeat the credits you missed. High school is different than elementary and middle schools, because you earn Carnegie units of credit. For each course you earn a credit for the year. Typically, 9th graders take English I, Algebra I, Biology I, World History, and Elective(s).  As you attend school and pass courses, you continue to earn credits. You need a certain number of credits to move to the next grade level, but you can make-up for lost time and credits by enrolling in summer school.

Go see the counselor at your school and let them know you regret not coming to school and want to do your best. Let the counselor know that school is a struggle and you get frustrated and need tutoring. Ask if there are credit recovery classes at your school. Check into alternative school that may allow you to progress through classes you have missed at your own rate.

Best wishes, Jake! You will do this if you decide you will.

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