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My Son is a follower

My 4 yr.old son loves having his peers around.  The problem is he vary rarely starts a game and will pick one kid he likes the best (usually the loudest) and attach himself to that person- he even mimics the voice of the child and wants to dress like him.  He has always been like that.  The problem is:  His "favorite" in school right now is sort of the "cool kid"(for lack of a better phrase).  When other kids want to play with him they will tell my son he can't play. Also, my son will do what the other child tells him, even if it gets him in trouble. I'm wondering if anyone can help me develop my son's confidence and leadership skills.  I have worked with kids in the past, but I'm at a complete loss on where to start with my own.  Thanks.
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> 60 days ago