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How do I get my son's IEP to work for him to repeat 11th grade?

My ex enrolled my son in 10th grade in Nevada County California High School in January 2013 as a 10th grader when he had not completed 9th grade after pulling him from Home School. My son has Benign Childhood Epilepsy, ADHD both types and Executive Function issues. He is also an amazing writer, entertainer, singer, actor and artist. His grades in core subjects; Math, Science, History, Language though are D's and the school has him in APEX classes for catching up from literally missing out on 2 semesters of education. How can he graduate on time? He had an IEP in September and told me he was going to repeat 11th grade but now he says he is going forward. He failed first semester Geometry so the school allowed him to take Business Math this semester just to even out the grade to get the credits! How can APEX help him when he is so far behind? What can I do to stop the train wreck that is coming. My son is Special Needs and has an IEP but no one seems to think he "needs" to have all the normal credits by attending normal classes. I need advice quick!!

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Mar 20, 2014
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Hello, This is a question for your local regional team and yourself.  Also, local child advocacy groups may be helpful. may also have the information you are seeking.

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