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my son was physically searched at school by principal and female courtesy officer, told to tell no one, even his parents?!?! after burying

...gmother we lived with. i shake while typing this even now. double worse...he already suffered from pretty severe anxiety issues known to the school full well. All aspects of this just have to be wrong on so many levels!!! i could go on and on about prior years administrative staff use of bad judgement and/or lack of common sense.  please advise as to the search situation. as well as, how do i have him switched to the other elementary school (same district) which is just down the street also? i simply can't let him return to a school that i fear and can't trust whatsoever! i apologize for all my grammatical + errors. This was so hard for me to think about, especially to put into words. thx for any help.
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Sep 18, 2014
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You are angry that the school administration searched your son the day after his grandmother's death. Have you expressed these concerns (verbally or in writing) about the search? Has this disciplinary action affected your son? How does your son feel about moving to another school?

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