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i took my son out of school the first day because they wouldn't change his kindergartens class

my son just started kindergartens. the teacher my son was assign to is gay so on the day of meet and greet the teacher was being very very feminine. so when we leave the school and get home my 5 year old is mimicim his teacher. talking the way he was talking,moving his hands and body the way his teacher was etc... i talked to my son to let him know NO this is not how you act this is not the things you do. his response was that's what my teacher did i want to do that. all that day this is how he act like it was OK. so the first day of school i let my son go but also requested a meeting with the principal about my concerns and to request my son be moved to another class. her response was as a mother i truly understand what you're saying and how you feel but as a principal i have to go by a different set of rules. she was more concerned about the teacher filing a lawsuit against the school or say its discrimination  than my concern about my precious son. mind you i haven't even talk with the teacher about this so he don't even know whats going on. i have nothing against gays until it starts to have an affect on my innocent kids. and i feel as though your sexually preference is your right but if your involved in a setting where your traits have an affect on kids that's a problem. your ways should be left at the door. i also spoke with the superintendent and he said the same thing i understand but when we hire someone we can discriminate against that person so he was no help
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artemis.of.... , Student writes:
... Your decision to take your child out of his kindergarten class based on the sexual orientation of the teacher is ludicrous. And just because the man is effeminate doesn't make him homosexual. Don't be so discriminatory.

He isn't going to impose his views onto your child. He is there to teach the boy how to count and spell his name. I would understand if the man was trying to touch your son or take part in any other pedophilia practices, but from what you're saying... that isn't the case.

Sure, your son will pick up on his teacher's actions and the way he speaks, but he'll grow out of it! He merely finds it intriguing. It's not going to be a permanent thing. It was the first day of class, for crying out loud.

I think you need to speak to the teacher and tell him how you feel. But you need to be open-minded and understanding. His teacher is a human, remember that.
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