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My son suddenly started refusing to go to school.


My son is 3 year and 4 months old. We put him in school 4 months ago (4 hours playgroup). Last month my wife had to spend a week in the hospital due to some problem and my son became quite sensitive but went to school normally. Last week, I had a mild accident where windscreen of my car was cracked. My son was with me at that time. Since then, he refuses to go school. It's not only at the time of going school but at home he keeps crying the whole day that I would never go to school. We can't understand the sudden change. We have talked to his teacher too and she says he has also started crying at school. However, they are sure there is nothing at school that could have caused this.

Can someone help me to understand what could be causing it and how I and my wife can help him to get normal?
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nancym24 writes:
I'm sorry you're going through this situation. What I can understand from your question is that he was very affected by having his mother being there and all of a sudden she's not there for a few days. That sort of detachment is very hard on them. I have twin 6 yr olds and my husband had to take a job where he's gone for two weeks straight, comes home for the weekend and then leaves again. The first day or two went ok, but by the third day they starting asking what was wrong? Where's daddy? Is he ever coming back? and even though we explained things to them from the very beginning, they still had a hard time dealing with that. When my husband spoke with them over the phone, they broke down in tears everytime. My husband has been home now for a couple months and they still ask every now and then if he's going to leave again. Made me appreciate my life, I can't imagine what kids go through when their parents split. Back to your son, I would just comfort him, talk to him, he gets it, you may think he doesn't but you'd be surprised. Let him know you both love him and are there to protect him. Try taking him to school together and pick him up both you together every now and then. I'm sure he'll get over it. But if you're extremely worried I would discuss it with a specialist. Schools usually have counselors or specialized personal that work with those sort of issues. Hope I helped a bit. Hang in there, best wishes God Bless You
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