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Son getting in trouble by other children

My 2nd grader has been having problems with other children "lying on him" according to him. He has been having some problems at lunch. One example, he was having a convo with a girl, and another girl raised her hand and told the TA (teachers' assistant) that he said a bad word. He told her that he did not say a bad word, but the TA made him go sit at a table by himself. The TA and another teacher went over to him and asked him what he said, and he told them he did not say a bad word. The teacher said she believed him and walked away, but the TA just stood there staring at him. Another day, my son had a drink on the table and the girl sitting beside him (same girl that told on him for saying bad word) was moving her hands around, and spilled his drink. He raised his hand to ask TA if he could get up to get napkins, and she said "You better clean that mess up!" He told her that he didn't do it, but the girl said he did, and the TA believed the girl. The next day, he had a container of peaches on the table and a boy shook the table a lot and the peaches fell on the floor. The little boy walked over to another table. My son was cleaning them up, and the TA came over and said "go get some napkins! Do I need to call your mother so she can come and teach you how to eat?" He told her that the other boy shook the table, and the previously mentioned girl said no that my son had done it. He was cleaning the mess up, and the TA said "get your hand out of my way so I can clean this up!"
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