nomie2 asks:

why does my step son of 8 years old sucks on his tongue and does the things he does? could he be mentally delayed or could he be gay?

Im worried about many things he does,
-He sucks on his tongue like a pacifier very often specially when his mother comes around, and when he is in his own world.
-He walks in small steps just like my 4 year old son and puts his up like when a baby starts walking.
-He cries and screams like a baby who needs attention, even worse when his mother is around. My 4 year old son doesn't even cry when i yell at him or say no to him.
-He talks like a baby-girl when his brothers play or bother him, or if he wants something.
-He loves to be babied alot and when he does, he starts talking like one.
-He even kissed my 4 year old son, and humped him b4, soi keep my eyes wide open, worried all the time.

But some people say hes probably just curious or it will pass. there is something wrong with him i know it i see it. His own mother cant even take it when he cries and screams so she sends him to me. He lives with me for about 2 years. Im married to his father.

But it seems like nobody cares but me.Before we moved closer to his mother we lived a distance and i am very sticked with house rules. If he cries n screams he will be punished. So he knew not to cry for unnecessary things or when i say no it means no.And he use to follow rules until when he goes on the weekends with his mother he will act out with her. But besides all the crying around her even with our distance back then he always has the baby walk, baby talk, sucks on tongue. please respond
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54 days ago