MPuckett77 asks:

Should a student be toilet trained to enter kindergarten?

Does anyone know the law or ED code (I can't find it) that says a child must be toilet trained to enter Kindergarten?
I have a 5.5 year old student who poops in his pants every day. His parents admitted he does not use the toilet at home. We met with the nurse and asked them to come to school to assist him in using the toilet. The either do not show up or he poops in his pants after they leave. He will lie to me about it or try and run away. I feel it is a big health issue since he will sit at the carpet or in a chair and try to hide the fact he pooped.
I have 25 students and can not toilet train him or constantly clean the carpet/furniture.
He also displays autistic like traits and I have suggested his parents take him to a doctor. We have another meeting coming!
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> 60 days ago

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