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What are some of the ways you reduce the time of your family's morning routine?

We've recently started selecting school outfits and preparing lunches in the evening to reduce the amount of time we spend in the morning getting ready for school and work. It's saving us about 15-20 minutes a day, and I'm curious what other families are doing. Perhaps there are more things we could do to reduce the time of our routine further, and maybe even have time left over to just sit and chat (imagine that!). Thanks for sharing your tips and strategies!
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Nov 17, 2009

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Great question.  We have the same issue with our two-year-old and another baby on the way.  My wife and I are both life coaches, and we've had some fun conversations about strategies to take that help out.  

Basically, we call it "Team Williams" and we created "system" which are really habits that we stick to no matter what.  The general rule: if we can prep it ahead of time, and we can repeat it, we make it part of the system.  Getting clothes together the night before, planning the meals for the week, running the dish washer right after dinner, getting our daughter to bed at 7:30pm, having her evening diapers (which are cloth with inserts) completely loaded ready to go.  Really anything that we can prep we do, and we make it part of the routine as early as it can reasonably be done.

One of the keys is that we started splitting up dish duty and laundry duty.  My wife, Amois, took the dishes.  I took the laundry.  Of course I still help with the dishes in the kitchen when it's needed or we're hanging around, but my taking over the laundry from my collecting it to folding it has taken a huge burden off my wife, and it's really not that hard for me to do.  The biggest benefit is that with one person on laundry, it's super easy for me to keep track of the clothes and get into the habit of doing a load a day.  

When we started thinking of our lives in terms of systems, we started finding little tiny things to do that started to add it.  Simple things, almost too silly to post, but they really did make a difference.  Just to give an example: getting an extra glass of water ready the night before to drink in the morning.  

Hope this helps!


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Jackolynn writes:
I do all the prep work the night before like packing lunches picking out clothes....then in the morning there is no tv at all. That just takes up too much attention. put on fast paced music or play the game of trying to beat the timer....each day try to beat your time....its always a blast to see them try to beat the clock lol.
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