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what can i do to help?

hi my sister is 14 and is cutting herself because she thinks everybody hates her when they don't. we gave her a journal to write in but it still doesn't help. she tells me whenever she cuts herself but when i ask her why she says its because people hate her. i tried to talk to her and tell her to stop but she pushes me away and the last time i talked to her, apparently she said she got addicted to cutting herself. i have tried almost everything to help her but she never listens. i know that maybe i should write her a letter but when i do she would rip it. she tells me to keep it a secret of what she is doing. but i know that the reason why she it doing it is because her,me,and my parent argue a lot. i try not to argue with her cause i know what she is going through so i hang out with my friends. i have ask 2 of my friends and they have told me that i should tell my sister's friend to talk to her about it but if i do i might get in trouble. i am trying to not get into fights with her. but she would take out all her anger out on me. i don't know what else to do. please help me!
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Aug 9, 2014
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A lot of people who cut, do it to help them cope with strong emotions.  It takes the focus off the emotional pain and places it on a physical pain.  Give your sister a list called 99 coping skills from the website.  Link is in the resource area.  Any time she feels the urge to cut, have her try one or more of the ideas on the list to help her cope with the moment.  Cutting can be overcome if the person is willing to try to make changes in their life.
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HighSchoolT... writes:
I am so glad to see how much you care for your sister and want to do the right thing. Here is an article that can help you know how to respond when she talks to you about it.

Also, the best thing is to tell a trusted adult about this. Maybe you can share this article with your parents and tell them about it.

Are your sister's cuts visible? If so, your parents or a trusted adult that you tell might be able to find an opportunity to notice the cuts and bring them up so your sister doesn't know that you told.

You're doing the right thing by asking for help. She wouldn't have told you if she didn't want help.

I hope this helps and your sister gets better.
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