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What are the career options after doing BA in journalism, psychology & English Literature? Are they financially lucrative?

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PaulaE. writes:
At this stage of the game, any job is a good job.  Your first real job after earning your B.A. is probably not going to make you rich. But it can lead to another job, which can lead to another job...

You have a tangible skill. You can read and write very well. Believe me, not everyone can do that. Every industry needs people who can communicate well.  There is a market for various types of technical writing in all industries.  You do need to be proficient in various types of computer programs. Look at ads and see what computer skills are needed, then take cheap classes at the city college if necessary to get up to speed..

 Human resources, teaching (mine)and counseling are the obvious choices for your majors.  You can take that college education of yours to just about any type of business.

 Think about what type of business do you like?  Animals, children, movies, health care, museums, foreign relations, government/civil servant, are all possibilities.  If you really like rockets and space check out aerospace companies.  If you really like Disney check them out. You like art? Check out foundations, museums, auction houses and dealers.

 A very safe way to go right now would be somewhere in health care because all us Baby boomers are getting old. You don't have to be a nurse to be in health care. I know someone who was an English major and had an interest in law. She reads benefit contracts for state employees.  Not glamorous but steady and she gets health benefits.
Good luck!
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