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I sent the women I love to a mental health hospital because she tried to kill herself, am I a bad person for doing this?

I was talking to the women I love most and she seemed happy as can be to see me again. She is talking how she can't wait to see and she is gonna try to stay longer so we can see each other more before she has to leave again. However on the day she was going to leave she tells me she is a monster and not worth my time and I should forget about her. I try to ask her what was wrong I sent her message after message until finally she tells me she tried to kill herself. I contact her family and they tell me that she has done this before and they contacted the Mental Health Agency. I was at work when they contacted me and told me that they have talked to her and that she doesn't want to talk. About two hours later she tells me that I had her detained and ever since she sent that I felt like I was being torn apart inside. Was I wrong for doing this?
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tt5654321 writes:
it is not wrong because you are protecting your girlfriend from doing harm to herself and at least you care. Also she is not a monster she must be going through a hard time. The best way to sort this problem out is to talk to her everyday to see how she is doing. Also something must of happened to her when sshe was a kid or teen so you must talk ti her or give her space to let her think. You done the right thing.
16 days ago

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