meechum78 asks:

what is wrong with my son?

i have a 5 year old son who is starting kindergarden in the fall...he is a very smart kid who just seems a little off to me...i have had the school psychiatrist meet with him and have been told he is just a little misbehaved.i do not believe that is the only problem though. he is extremely rough with his brothers and sisters. he still is not fully potty trained(no bm). he hits himself in the head and is afraid of lakes, pools, oceans and doesnt like water dumped on his head.  he is constantly talking like a baby. and his energy goes from laying down to running every which way. he mocks people and also likes to yell alot. he's afraid of every kind of bug. i'm just not sure what to do about him. anyone have any suggestions?
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> 60 days ago