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What's wrong with my son?

He gets in trouble all the time at school, I mean daily. He is sexually inappropriate, he doesn't think before he does, even if what he is doing could hurt someone. He is very book smart, but acts the age of a two year old, throws tantrums, screams, talks like a baby, whines, and when being scolded he freaks out and doesn't listen. He is also obsessed with video games. We have tried time out, talking to the teacher, standing in the corner, grounding him from his precious video games, writing sentences, and as a last resort spanking open-handed on the bottom. What is wrong with him? Nothing works.
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Jan 31, 2013
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Sorry to hear about your son's behaviors.  I don't know how old he is, but hearing that he is sexually inappropriate for his age worries me.  Why would he be?  Did he see something inappropriate on TV or a video game?  Or could it be more serious where somebody touched him inappropriately?  If so, acting out might be his way of dealing with it...

I think that you should talk to your son to uncover the reason of his developmentally inappropriate sexual behaviors and act accordingly.  Also, seeing your son's health care provider for an evaluation of behaviors and possibly a blood test to rule out a medical condition as a reason for his behaviors would not be a bad idea.

Best regards.

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A_Doescher-... writes:
It sounds like your son may have impulse control issues. This occurs often in kids with ADD and ADHD. They having trouble completing one thought before another smashes in right behind it. Talk to your child's doctor and explain the issues. Immaturity is also a common issue in ADD and ADHD.
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