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Seven year old refusing to eat

My daughter is seven and refuses to eat, at first I thought she was just in between growth spurts and actually not hungry but after a few weeks of this, I started making her sit at the table for the entire meal rather than excusing her, as well as asking her teacher about food at school. her teacher says that while she would snack and is constantly getting crackers from the nurse for stomach aches, she would rarely eat her lunch. When I finally got upset enough at her lack of weight, only 40 lbs and no significant growth since her last year physical, she finally confessed that she didn't want to eat because "grandma said she would just get fat and no one would think she was pretty". I took her to the pediatrician the next day, and was so upset that I grudgingly accepted another person in the practice rather than her regular doctor who was on vacation for the week. When I explained that "talking to grandma" wouldn't work since it is my ex-husbands mother, the pediatrician told me that I was just making things worse by trying to get her to eat, and I was just going to alienate my daughter by undermining what her grandmother said, and that children wouldn't purposely starve themselves. I am terrified that my child may be anorexic and even more afraid that she is now on her summer visit with that side of the family, and what could happen before she gets home. What can I do? How can I keep her away from this disorder that could do permenant damage to her health?
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