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How to get my eight year old to stop bullying her sister and others she does not care for.

I have always thought my daughter was physically & mentally tough. I admired that about her and I probably encouraged it. If she fell though rare. I would clap and say you are okay. I stayed home with her since she was nine months old. She was the sweetest most lovable little girl. She had all of my attention until she was just under three and her sister was born.

She was incredibly jealous. I could not leave her alone in the same room with her baby sister for fear she would act out aggressively. (Here is where I probably reinforced the behavior because, I was always punishing her when she acted out, and this gave her attention)

In preschool I was told by one of the teachers that my daughter loved to press the buttons of her classmates but nothing too serious a little cause and effect curiosity.

Anyhow, she is now in the second grade and is a perfect angel in school. She demonstrates model behavior to her peers and classmates and is liked by all.

When she gets home (not all the time) but enough to drive me crazy. She will tease and pick on her sister who in turn usually ends it by striking her big sister or screaming.

In January, I started watching two older girls. I noticed my eight year old trying to bully one of the girls. She would try to exclude her and be mean to her. I have tried all measures to get her to stop. I have now asked the parents to find a new sitter. I don't want my daughter to mean to others how do I get her to stop?

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