Building Family Strengths: Unity

By — Clemson University Public Service Publishing
Updated on Dec 16, 2008


Strong families recognize that there are benefits and pleasures to be gained from time and activities together. They value the family bond and make special efforts to preserve time together for family activities and interaction. By spending pleasant time together, families build a reserve of good feelings and are able to cope with personal and family crisis more effectively. Strong families are deeply committed to the family unit and to promoting the happiness and welfare of each other. Family commitment comes from an active involvement in setting and carrying out family goals. Families work to spend PRIME time together. They don't just take advantage of spare time to devote to the family; they actually PLAN for quality family time.


Family unity encourages families to create daily routines as well as special traditions and celebrations which affirm members, connect them to their family roots, and add fun to ordinary family events. Family unity includes time that family members spend together - both quality and quantity. Family unity means maintaining family identity and togetherness and balancing family priorities with support for individual needs. Family unity produces strong family bonds and freedom for individual self-expression.

What families do together does not matter as much as that they do SOMETHING together that is mutually planned and enjoyable. Spontaneity, humor, wit, and fun are goals to work toward. A balance of family time should include some of the following:

  • active and inactive
  • physical and mental
  • at home and away
  • work and play


Family time does not come easily. Activities and overload are a sign of the times for youth and adults. The challenge is to manage and prioritize your time so that family time is possible. The benefits of increasing family unity are endless. It:

  • helps everyone to feel that they are important,
  • helps build family pride,
  • keeps the line of communication open between family members,
  • instills an appreciation of family,
  • helps family members prioritize and value family time, and
  • can foster creativity and provide a fun-filled experience.

Strong families are deeply committed to the family unit and to promoting the happiness and welfare of each other. Commitment is a vital factor in developing a strong sense of family unity.

A quality that constantly appears in strong families is a feeling that they can depend on each other in "good" times and "bad" times. The sense of knowing that someone is always there for you helps individuals develop a well balanced self-esteem and a sense of individual worth. This security can come from a diverse variety of family structures. Families can provide unity and support in a nuclear or extended setting. Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins are all an important part of the family structure that can provide love and support systems for the family.

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