Cognitive Development: The First Five Years (page 2)

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Updated on Oct 22, 2010

The Three-to-Four Year Milestones

By 4 years the child

  • learns to sort objects by shape, color and size; similarities and differences
  • counts four objects
  • a square and some capital letters
  • draws a human figure with a head, body, arms, legs and perhaps five fingers
  • names three coins
  • knows his age
  • knows about the seasons and related activities
  • knows at least four colors

By five years the child

  • understands a whole object or concept, but not always the relationship of the parts to the whole
  • uses simple reasoning; begin to understand cause-and-effect relationships
  • memorizes things but does not yet have strategies such as rehearsing lists
  • traces numbers and capital letters; may write some numbers and letters on her own
  • counts things

During the first five years, development proceeds at a pace exceeding that of any other phase of life. During this time the brain undergoes its most dramatic growth, and children rapidly develop the cognitive capacity that enables them to become intellectually curious and creative thinkers.

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