Use this checklist to go on a fire safety hazard hunt with your child.

Prevent Fires!

In the Kitchen

  • Keep anything that can catch fire away from stove tops, even when the burners are off.
  • Store matches and lighters safely away from children and heat sources.
  • Keep electric appliances and cords away from water.
  • Replace any frayed electric cords.
  • Always keep handles of pots and pans turned toward the center of the stove to prevent fires and burns.

Around Your Home

  • Always use a screen at the fireplace.
  • Keep paper and other things that can catch fire away from the fireplace and other heat sources.
  • Keep cloth and other things that can burn away from lamps and lampshades.
  • Do away with overloaded electric outlets.
  • Keep electric cords out of paths and out from under rugs.
  • Keep space heaters well ventilated and away from things that can catch fire.
  • Be sure lamps and other electric items are stable and won’t fall.
  • An adult should always be in the room when a candle is burning.

Storage Areas

  • Keep areas around the furnace or hot water heater clear of things that burn.
  • Store flammables, such as gas or cleaning fluids, away from paper and cloth.
  • Store flammable items securely on shelves.