Martin Luther King  is considered one of the greatest leaders of this century. How do great leaders emerge?

It is generally believed that great leaders are made, not born. People can learn to develop certain qualities that reflect strong leadership.

What are the qualities of a great leader?

  • Clear vision that is well communicated
  • Energy that comes from seeing the vision fulfilled
  • Confidence in self and others
  • Integrity that others respect
  • Compassion that creates a climate of acceptance and challenge
  • Ability to influence others to believe in a cause and join in their efforts
  • Generous with credit and praise for those who deserve it

How do we know if our child has the potential to be a great leader?

Is he or she:

  • friendly and interested in people?
  • able to delay rewards till later?
  • stay focused on a task?
  • honest?
  • enthusiastic about interests?

Should every child be taught to be a leader?

Not everyone should be a leader — we need good followers, too. It’s perfectly OK for a child to be a follower, as long as she can stand up for herself. Leadership qualities give every child a head start in life. It’s important to teach them to children. Whether or not your child becomes a leader in the conventional sense, it is important that she learns to be a leader of her own destiny.

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