We may live with our parents, spend hours a day with them, and talk with them a lot.  Still, there's much we don't know about them. This activity will help to make us aware of how much—or how little—we know our parents.

Directions: Grab a pen and try to answer these questions about your parent(s). At the same time, your dad or mom will answer the questions in "How Well Do You Know Your Son or Daughter?" When you're both finished, exchange and discuss the answers with each other.  If you only have one parent at home or live with another relative or adult, please just answer the questions that pertain to that adult.

  1. How did your parents meet?
  2. What color are your dad's eyes?
  3. For a vacation, would your mom prefer a luxury resort, a rustic mountain cabin, resting at home, or somewhere else?
  4. What presidential candidate did your dad vote for in 2000?
  5. Does your mom believe in love at first sight?
  6. Would your dad rather watch TV with the family, sit alone and read, or go out to dinner together with friends?
  7. Does your mom gas up the car as soon as the tank is half empty or when the fuel is nearly gone?
  8. Does your dad usually carry a photo of you in his wallet?
  9. How old was your mom on her first date?
  10. If your dad turned on the TV and found these choices, which would he pick: a football game, soap opera, old movie—or turn off the set? 
  11. Which of these can't your mom do: touch her toes, do a headstand, rewire a lamp, replace the spark plugs, sew a shirt?
  12. What was your dad's first full-time job?
  13. Who is your mom's closest friend?
  14. What gift would your dad most like to receive?
  15. If your mom could have you do anything for three hours, what would it be?

Summary: If you get more than 15 right, congratulations … you really know your parent(s)! From 11 to 15? Not bad, but try to pay a little more attention. Fewer than 11? You need a crash course called "Mom and Dad 101."

Remember: Knowing or wanting to find out about someone shows that you truly care.

Adapted with permission from Family Health Council, Inc., Pittsburgh, PA.