• Using digital technology, communication tools and/or networks appropriately to access, manage, integrate, evaluate, and create information in order to function in a knowledge economy
  • Using technology as a tool to research, organize, evaluate and communicate information, and the possession of a fundamental understanding of the ethical/legal issues surrounding the access and use of information

 Additional resources:

1.   ICT Literacy Maps

These documents were the result of a partnership between P21 and the national content groups to illustrate the intersection between 21st century tools and 21st century skills. They include Math, Geography, Science and English, with a Social Studies ICT Map in progress.

2.    NCTL | The National Center for Technological Literacy

Site authored by the Boston Museum of Science that contains resources and information related to ICT literacy.

3.    Research Information and Communication Technologies ICT Literacy

The ICT Literacy Portal is the "public face" of a fast growing international movement focused on promoting Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Digital Literacy. This website provides a rich global resource and collaborative environment for ICT Literacy.

4.    ICT & Literacy

General site on how to use ICT literacy to support writing and reading; includes teacher resources.

5.    Electric Paper | Extraordinary E-Learning for Ordinary People

Corporate site for e-learning related to skills and ICT literacy

6.    ICT Literacy: Preparing the Digital Generation for the Age of Innovation

US Department of Education paper on use of ICT skills.

7.    ICT research index

Research index on ICT literacy