Internet Safety Facts

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Updated on Feb 25, 2011

There are many benefits for children using the internet

When kids use the Internet the educational advantages are endless. The Internet is used by schools, universities, libraries, businesses and more. The Internet is a virtual encyclopedia.

And you don’t have to be a computer geek to use the Internet. It is incredibly easy. Use it for homework, communicating with friends, games, shopping and even business.

It is important for parents to know Internet safety

The internet gives great benefits to everyone … most of all children. And with all of its advantages, it has disadvantages which can create dangers for children.

It is critical that every parent and every childcare giver know everything there is to know about the Internet and the possible hazards it creates for children. Learn how to deal with them … learn the Internet rules.

Sign a Child/Parent Internet Safety Agreement  between you and your kids.

How to tell when children spend too much time on the computer

Too much time or too little time is subjective. Only you will know for sure and each child is different. Some kids really use the computer for studying, emailing their friends and playing games, while others spend hours surfing, going into chat rooms and even going into adult web sites that are not appropriate for children.

If your child tends to research homework, they can hours on the Internet and if they are seriously into games and chatrooms they can spend days on the Internet. Kids are great at switching from one screen to another, making it difficult for you to know what they’re really doing.

Once you know the facts and rules, and your child’s needs on the Internet, you will create your own timeline as to how long your child will spend on it.

However, when children spend too much time on the computer they can tend to neglect their studies, chores and social activities. It is very easy for children to They may also run up heavy telephone bills.

How to know what your children are doing online

Understand that kids are very curious about a variety of subjects. Often they will use the Internet to view material that is only appropriate for adults.

Although you want to respect their privacy, you need to know what they do with their time every day … especially on the Internet. Learn how your kids surf the Web. Sit down with them and ask them to show you the sites they surf. Get familiar with their patterns of use and time spent online. Learn the potential threats that they can be exposed to and look for changes in behavior. Remember that many mobile phones now offer Internet access.

Emails and Chatrooms

Kids love sending and receiving email, instant messaging and the interaction in chatrooms. Be sure you know who they're sending emails to and who they're getting emails from. And be sure you know if they're visiting chatrooms, which ones, and what goes on in those chatrooms.

Chatrooms can be misused. There isn't a chatroom on the Internet where you won't find at least one adult sexual predator. It's a fact of life. They masquerade as kids and teens and make indecent proposals ... often luring children and teen to meet them. These meetings are set up for one reason -- to harm children and teens.

Privacy is important ... but a parents in New York thought their teen daughter was innocently talking on chatline phones and after checking phone bills and internet logs, they learned she had run away to meet an adult male who she had been talking with.
Luckily they were able to find her but they couldn't undo the harm that their daughter suffered.

Kids and teens need to know that unless they absolutely know the person they are communicating with over the Internet, not to accept everything a person says online at face value. They must understand the online danger they could be in and be alert.

When your children are on the Internet, post Internet safety rules and facts right by their computer.

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