Required Immunizations  Number of Doses
DTP/DT/DtaP 4 doses
Polio 3 doses
MMR 2 doses Measles, 1 dose Rubella and Mumps
Hepatitis B 3 doses
Hepatitis A n/a
Varicella 1 dose

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Kindergarten entry cutoff date:  Sept. 1

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More registration information:  Kindergarten FAQs:

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Community and Parent Services contact: Dr. Aaron Hayes Director Suite 200 3710 Forest Drive Columbia, SC 29204 Tel: 803-734-4796 Fax: 803-734-3525 E-mail:

Early Childhood Education contact: Robin McCants, Director 3700 Forest Drive Landmark II Columbia, SC 29204 Tel: 803-734-8477 Fax: 803-734-8343 Email: Robin McCants

Pre-kindergarten?: Yes, on a district level for 4-year-olds with "readiness deficiencies"

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Half-Day Child Development Program; Child Development Education Pilot Program decreased

Expenditure per student:  $8091.00

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Other information/articles: Community and Parent Services site with links to programs: