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Louisiana Academic Standards Overview Page

What are the Louisiana Grade Level Standards?

A grade-level expectation (GLE) is a statement that defines what all students should know and be able to do at the end of a given grade level. GLEs add further definition to the content standards and benchmarks.

Example Academic Standard: Eighth Grade Science

Physical Science: Properties and Changes of Properties in Matter

  • Determine that all atoms of the same element are similar to but different from atoms of other elements.

How do I Find the Louisiana Academic Standards?

Grade level expecations are available for English Language Arts (PreK-12), Mathematics (PreK-12), Science (PreK-8), and Social Studies (PreK-8).

  • In the center of the page, click the grade level under the subject you wish to view.
    • You can either click the grade link for html format or click the pdf or word link next to it depending on which format you prefer.