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Missouri Academic Standards Overview Page

What are the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Standards?

The standards are divided into "Knowledge Standards" and "Performance Standards":

Knowledge standards suggest that Missouri students must build a solid foundation of factual knowledge and basic skills in the traditional content areas. The statements listed here represent such a foundation in:

Knowledge standards for the basis for the subject-specific standards that children of Missouri must achieve at each grade.

Performance standards are not a curriculum. Rather, the standards serve as a blueprint from which local school districts may write challenging curriculum to help all students achieve their maximum potential.

Example Academic Standard: Mathematics

Students in Missouri public schools will acquire a solid foundation which include knowledge of mathematical systems (including real numbers, whole numbers, integers, fractions), geometry, and number theory (including primes, factors, multiples).

How do I Find the Missouri Standards?

Standards for Missouri are Available for Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Fine Arts, Health/Physical Education, and Communication Arts (Language Arts) for all grade.

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