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Oklahoma Academic Standards, Priority Academic Student Skills (PASS), Overview Page

What are the Oklahoma Academic Standards?

The curriculum adopted by the State Board of Education for implementation by the beginning of the 1993-94 school year shall be thoroughly reviewed by the State Board every three (3) years, and the State Board shall implement any revisions in such curriculum deemed necessary to achieve further improvements in the quality of education for the students of this state.

Example Standard: Grade 1 Science

Classify: Classifying establishes order. Objects, organisms, and events are classified based on similarities, differences, and interrelationships.

How do I Find the Oklahoma Academic Standards?

Standards for Oklahoma are available for Mathematics, Science, Science, Social Studies, Language Arts, the Arts, Health, Saftey, Physical Education, and Technology Education for all grades.

  • Click the “PDF” link next to the subject you wish to view
  • You can also click the “PDF” links next the grade you wish to see for all subjects in one document