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Delaware Academic Standards Overview Page

What are the State of Delaware Academic Content Standards?

Content standards and grade-level expectations form the basis for teacher's lesson-planning. Standards and expectations are indicators of what your child is expected to reach by the completion of his/her grade.

Example Content Standard: English Language Arts Grade 1

Sutdents in Delaware public school, using the processes of effective readers, writers, listeners, viewers, and speakers, will be able to:

  • Use written and oral English appropriate for various purposes and audiences.

How do I find the Delaware Content Standards?

Standards and grade-level expectations are available for English, Family and Consumer Sciences, Health, Mathematics, Physical Education, Science, Social Studies, World Language, and Visual and performing arts for all grades.

  • The curricula documents are organized for grades K-12 by individual standard.

  • Choose a subject from the "Standards and Curricula" page.
  • Download the subject's PDF or go to the subject main page and click the appropriate standards document there.