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What are the State of New York Academic Standards?

A standard is a benchmark indicator your child is expected to reach by the completion of his/her grade.

Example of an Academic Standard: Mathematics, Standard 3

Students will understand the concepts of and become proficient with the skills of mathematics; communicate and reason mathematically; become problem solvers by using appropriate tools and strategies; through the integrated study of number sense and operations, algebra, geometry, measurement, and statistics and probability.

What Parents Should Know About New York State's Learning Standards

How Do I Find the State of New York Academic Standards?

  • Choose a subject area from the links on the main curriculum page.
  • Under the “Resources” section on the subject area main page, look for the “Core curriculum”document.
  • This link will take you to the Curriculum page where the K-12 curriculum standards can be downloaded in PDF, Word, or HTML.

Standards are available for Grades K-12 in the following disciplines:

  • Arts
  • Career Development and Occupational Studies
  • English Language Arts
  • Health, Physcial Education, and Family and Consumer Sciences
  • Languages Other Than English
  • Math, Science, Technology
  • Social Studies