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State of South Carolina Academic Standards

What are the South Carolina Academic Standards?

The state-approved expectations for students will be called academic standards instead of curriculum standards. In accordance with the South Carolina Educational Accountability Act of 1998, the purpose of academic standards is to provide the basis for the development of local curricula and statewide assessment. Consensually determined academic standards describe for each grade or high school core area the specific areas of student learning that are considered the most important for proficiency in the discipline at the particular level.

Example Academic Standard: Grade 1 Social Studies

The student will demonstrate an understanding of how individuals, families, and communities live and work together here and across the world.

How do I Find the South Carolina Academic Standards?

Standards are available from the South Carolina State Department of Education for English Language Arts, Foreign Language, Mathematics, Physical Education, Science, Social Studies, Health and Safety Education, and Visual and Performing Arts for grades K-12.


  • Click the standards link next to the appropriate subject.

  • Download the Word or PDF document under the “ELA Academic Standards 2007”.