1. How much experience have you had in teaching children? At what age(s)?

2. What has been your experience and background with this sport?

3. What are some of the most significant differences (racial, disability, economic, social, etc.) you have experience dealing with while working in a team environment?

4. Why have you decided to be a coach?

5. Who was the best coach you have ever been coached by Why? What coach do you most admire?

6. What role do you prefer for parents to play within your team organization?

7. How will you handle decisions on who and how much each child will practice/compete?

8. What do you expect to accomplish in each practice? Is that the same expectation you have during competition?

9. What is your coaching philosophy?

10. How do you continue to learn and improve as a coach?

BONUS QUESTION: Where is the coach's ego and needs in this powerful environment?

Develop any questions you can think of to help you determine if this person is a devoted child advocate who can swallow personal competitive drive and allow children/young adults to gain experience and develop in a positive way?