Time management means organizing your schedule in a way that allows you to get things done in a timely manner, without feeling too overwhelmed or stressed out. Do you have anything in common with these teens on the go?

1. Melissa has track practice on Wednesdays, but she has been forgetting about it lately. What can she do to remember practice?

Use a day planner or calendar. Write down schoolwork assignments, meetings, practices, activities, and important events or tasks so you won’t forget about them.

2. Sarah keeps forgetting her math homework. What can she do to stay on track?

Make a “To Do” list. If you have important tasks that need to get done, write them all down and check them off as you complete them. Include deadlines for when they must get done.

3. Kendra went to the mall after school with the girls, forgetting they had family dinner plans that took forever that night. When she finally sat down to write her report, it was already 9:00 and she wasn’t able to finish it on time. How can Kendra avoid this problem again?

Forgetting about your English report or ANY homework can be a BIG problem! When you get home from school, while your homework is “fresh on your mind”, it is best to do all of it before you hang out with friends. While at school, sometimes it is best to write notes to remind yourself of the homework you need to complete. You can also ask a friend to call you for a reminder. Remember, never wait until the last minute to do anything AND your homework is your first priority!

4. Maria hates history and always leaves her homework from this class until last. Her last history report ended up taking twice as long as she thought it would, though, and she had to miss her friend’s birthday party to finish it. How can she stop this from happening again?

Avoid procrastination. If you can get it done now, do it! Try not to leave things off until the last minute.


Plan ahead. If you know you have a big event coming up, make sure you take care of things you need to do beforehand. For example, if you are going out of town the same day you have an assignment due, make plans to finish it and turn it in early.

5. Sherise is feeling very scattered lately, yet she is a smart girl who is very involved at school. She just can’t seem to get everything done. How can she manage her time better?

Use your time wisely. Don’t let time go wasted! Use free time between activities. Tackle your reading assignment on the bus ride to school or to a sports competition. If you are busy after school, try to find time to complete work during the school day (for example, during homeroom or study hall).


Avoid over commitments. Do you feel like you never waste time and yet never have a free minute? It’s great to be involved in different things, but if you feel rundown, it might be time to let some things go.