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Updated on Dec 16, 2008

Possible Sources  Source Name Contact Person Contact Information Person responsible  for contacting Due Date
Businesses Marriott  Jane Doe 1.202.555.1234 x00 Me 12/31/200_ 
  COSTCO John Doe 1.202.555.2345 x00  You 12/31/200_

Roles and Responsibilities. Creating your Coordinating Committee and Advisory Committee:

Make a list of who in your group is in charge of what areas of project coordination. In addition, list some Adult Allies that can serve as advisors to your project. (See example below.)

Leaders Coordination Area Contact In formation   Email
Melissa Food   202.555.3456
Jeremy Equipment 202.555.4567

Generating Publicity/Buzz: Create your Press Release and/or Media Story

Make a list of the top contacts at different radio, TV, and newspapers/magazines in your community. Be sure to identify the various editors (City Editor, Assignment Editor, Feature Editor, Photo Editor, Editorial Page Editor, etc) as well as their deadlines. (See example below.)

Type Contact Person Telephone E-mail What they need Due Date Person Responsible
TV Marcia Smith 202.555.5678 press release 3 weeks before event Olivia follow up call day before event
Paper Jim Jones  202.555.6789 press release 2 Sundays before event  Chris follow up call day before event

Mobilizing Community Support: Now we have to get people involved in the actual project event.

PUBLICIZE. ADVERTISE. MOBILIZE. Get the community interested in your event by creating flyers, posters, etc. and soliciting their help in making your project happen. Recruitment can happen through handing out leaflets, postering in high visibility areas, and word of mouth.

Are we making a difference? Evaluating your Impact

1. Create your list of measurable “process” and “impact” indicators related to your goals as well as how and when they will be measured

2. Defining Process indicators: A “process indicator” is a measure of something that you do as part of achieving your goal.

3. Defining Impact indicators: An “impact indicator” is a measure of what about the situation or condition has changed.

Reflecting on what we did:

It is important to talk about and reflect upon our service experience in order to learn lessons that will make our work even stronger. Create a list of reflection questions and ways that the reflection will be carried out.

Celebrating and Recognizing our Efforts:

List the steps you will take to celebrate your project and who is responsible for each part. Method for Celebration Resources Needed Person Responsible Ex. Recognition Certificates Paper, Computer for Printing Janet


You have completed your project plan. You are on your way to helping change your community. For an online version of this information visit Project Plan-It! at

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