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Washington State Academic Standards Overview Page

What are the Washington State Academic Standards?

The Essential Academic Learning Requirements (EALRs) for all content areas were initially developed beginning with the Basic Education Act of 1993. The EALRs describe the learning standards for grades K-10 at three benchmark levels; elementary, middle, and high school. The Grade Level Expectations (GLEs) represent a new degree of specificity being developed for each content area for grades K-10.

Example Academic Standard: Kindergarten Reading

Understand and apply concepts of print: Recognize letters and spaces between words.Recognize that print represents spoken language (e.g., environmental print and own name).Identify front cover, back cover, and title of books.Use directionality when listening to or following text.

How do I Find the Washington State Academic Standards?

Washington standards are available for Reading, Science, Mathematics, Social Studies, Communication, Writing, Arts, and Health and Fitness for Grades K-10.

  • Click the word or PDF link under GLEs for specific standards or under EALRs for more general ones