Care for Personal Needs

___Can blow nose, cover sneeze
___Is independent in using the toilet
___Can wash own hands
___Can snap, button, zipper or belt own pants
___Can take off and put on coat
___Can tie shoes
___Recognizes own possessions: jacket, lunchbox, etc.
___Can eat unassisted
___Can use silverware
___Will put away toys when asked


___Will listen to an adult and do as told
___Can cooperate with other children
___Can play with other children without hitting or biting
___Can sit for short periods (15 min.)
___Can follow a rule
___Understands and follows oral directions


___Shows an interest in books and reading
___Holds book and turns pages correctly
___Knows some songs, rhymes
___Participates in rhyming games
___Identifies some letters (especially those in own name)
___Identifies labels and signs in the environment
___Pretends to read and write
___Knows first and last name
___Knows names of family members
___Can tell about an experience
___Can tell and retell familiar stories
___Can communicate personal needs
___Has had a variety of experiences such as library, park, zoo, grocery store, post office
___Can use crayons, pencil, scissors
___Expresses ideas with drawings
___Is willing to try to complete a task


___Has had all required immunizations
___Has had a health check-up
___Receives medical care when sick
___Receives dental check-ups regularly
___Eats at regular times each day
___Gets eight or more hours of sleep at night
___Can run, jump, climb, swing and use balls